Craig is the master of metal manipulation.

It is Craig’s mission to turn your dreams and his own designs into reality. From first idea to final polish, Craig feels pride in every piece and loves knowing that what he’s creating will eventually become a cherished treasure. The most enjoyable aspect of Craig’s 40+ years in the jewelry business has been the relationships he’s built with his customers. Since he started making jewelry in 1976, his inquisitive nature about a client’s lifestyle and tastes is evident from the comments of satisfied customers:

“If anyone knows what I want in a piece of jewelry, it’s Craig. He has the uncanny ability to know what I like - he never misses.”

In addition to being a design consultant to his customers, Craig is also a Gemstone & Diamond buyer. He loves when the stones speak to him and lead him to design inspiration (with a twist of wild thrown in for good measure). His favorite jewelry style has not happened yet, frankly because he is developing his own. He looks to the future and glances into the past for his designs.

Craig balances his love of art and design with his understanding of today’s jewelry customer. Regardless of their lifestyle or fashion preferences, Craig believes that a woman or man should feel special, stylish and confident in the jewelry they wear - and he considers it his focus and pleasure to make that happen!

Craig is a native Californian (born in Oceanside) then living in Illinois, Ohio, Colorado and a seven year experience in Los Angeles before moving to the Central Coast in 1987. He’s worked in various facets of the jewelry business while honing his painting, drawing and designing skills. Self taught in graphics, furniture making, photography (including Darkroom Film Processes), and now computer skills. [His esign dream – building a car from the ground up]

Craig keeps very busy. It also keeps him off the streets!

Craig’s Best Tip: “Always pick a piece that is more extravagant than what you would normally wear. Raise your expectation, be a little wild, do something out of character and you won’t be disappointed.”

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